Menzies sourcing online groceries

Retail Newsagent, February 2011

Menzies Distribution has revealed that it is working with an online trading platform, Emarket to source competitively priced grocery products for independent retailers. The company has been working with Emarket for nine months, offering sale-or-return terms to retailers in a deal that is seperate from its News dropnetwork partnership with Smiths News.

A spokeman for Menzies said: “We send the invoice to retailers, but they get deferred payments and receive the products on sale or return.” He added that the margin for Emarket’s products range from 25% to 40%.

Suraj Sharma, chief executive officer for Emarket said a trial with retailers in December proved popular with a 70% takeup. Products trialed with Menzies include KitKat, Rizla Kingsize and Ribena. Mr Sharma said the company would also like to work with Smiths News in the Future.


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