There is nothing more exciting than building winning brands in new markets. emarket has a proven track record of achieving success for new market entrants.

We have 3 specialist emerging market teams. Africa (particularly West Africa), China & India . Each market has different opportunities, challenges and characteristics. It is the job of our teams on the ground, in partnership with brand owners, to navigate these to bring about long term success.

We focus on two things:
1. Identify/create the consumer demand.
2. Get the product in the right place for the consumer to buy.

Around these 2 core objectives we work with a host of local partners, importers, wholesalers and retailers to provide market entry strategy, sales & distribution, supply chain mapping, marketing, logistics. Crucially we are not consultants… we are long term partners that have skin in the game. We earn, when your products sell!!

In China we focus on Mother & Baby as well as Beauty & FMCG.

In Africa & India our focus is on FMCG, Fragrances and Alcoholic Beverages.



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